Saturday, 26 September 2009

Who Communicates What To Whom By What Medium, Under What Conditions, And With What Effects?

In 1942, Douglas Waples wrote an article in the American Journal of Sociology with the same title I use in this post. Harold Lasswell made quite a similar remark in 1948 by asking "Who says what in which channel to whom with what effects?"

I guess the later is simpler and easier to understand. However as put forward by Jennings Bryant and Susan Thompson in 2002, Lasswell missed Waples "under what conditions" phrase.

Answers to these two almost similar questions would give explanations to the role of mediated communication in shaping social change in today's world and would also enable us to expect the changes due this media.

These scholars, perhaps can be regarded as the pioneers and standard setters in the field of Media Effects. On the other hand, the names such as Albert Bandura and Miguel Sabido are the prominent theorists and practitioners of Media Effects' branch which is Entertainment Education. The fact that Sabino was so involved in the making of soap operas in Latin America he was in a way able to influence Mexicans in deciding about family planning and literacy policy.

In Malaysia, The CFO of TM stated in the half year performance of 2009 that TM will launch IPTV next year. It has been a few 'next years' since the last CEO talked about IPTV as a new mean for the company to rejuvenate or win back fix line subscribers lost to mobile operators. Everyone is anxiously waiting for this much talked about new technology or rather an industry on it's own.

Next, I would like to talk about Media Economic in relation to IPTV in Malaysia.

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